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Amir Mehrafas

Amir Mehrafas

Hello, My name is Amir Mehrafsa and I am a computer science researcher (post-doc fellowship) in University of Victoria, BC, Canada. Programming is one of my most favourite pastime as it is most of what I do for work. Among different programing languages none of them would replace C++ for me, besides I do Python, Java for scientific purposes and of course PHP for web. Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Graphics are my fields of interest. Also, I am a fan of robotics. I believe one may not get a clue of these fields unless starting actual coding for them. Lately, I decided to share some of my works and projects through this website, and while others benefit from my experience I will get a chance to improve my works based on the comments I receive.



  • Desktop, Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Vision-Based Applications (Embedded / GPU Accelerated)
  • Data mining (Using Machine Learning / Deep Learning)
  • Embedded Systems (PIC, AVR, ARM, RTOS, Linux-based)
  • Network Infrastructure Advisory
  • Implementation of FPGA Algorithms (Xilinx ISE/Vivado and Altera Quartus)


Computer Vision - 85%
Machine Learning - 80%
Computer Graphics - 65%
Qt & MFC Applications with C++ - 90%
Embedded Systems - 75%
CUDA SDK - 55%
Python (es. numpy) - 60%
Java - 75%
PHP & MySQL & JavaScript - 80%
Verilog HDL & Schematics - 65%

Frankly, publishing projects and tutorials looked much easier as a decision but in practice it takes a lot of time sometimes weeks to prepare them worth publishing online, quite literally. If you have any question or ideas you are most welcome to share your comments with me via email, contact form or using comments sections. I will try my best to read them all. And if you do have some complementary articles about my tutorials or other posts I would be glad to publish or link them to my tutorials with your credits.

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