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If your desktop looks monotonous and boring and you don’t have time to search and download new background wallpapers every day this application will help you. This is actually a utility program. I have developed it for my own entertainment and then decided to share it to public for free. The provides daily wallpapers

Combat Simulator

The project has started three years ago with a lengthy timetable and todo list including lots of capabilities. It had been under development for 9 months and then suspended for a long period of time until recently that I decided to post it and reprogram the project in order to conform it to the new

Facial Studio

This project is still in progress. It aims to detect facial expressions from camera and apply it to an artificial model which is graphically controlled by muscles naturally inspired from human facial. The program is capable of applying any texture to artificial facial model and one of the target features is to add an option

Snake 3D

This is a customized and 3D version of classic well-known game so called SNAKE, which was very popular specially by the handheld game consoles and Nokia cell phones. The player should maneuver the snake through obstacles and eat as much fruits or bugs to the required threshold score to become eligible of passing to the

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