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OpenCV & ML (Deep Learning) 04 – Classification and Mulit-layer Perceptron (MLP)

Employing OpenCV’sMulti-layer Perceptron from Artificial Neural Network module (ANN_MLP) for classifying various classes of samples drawn from multi variant normal distribution with different man and co-variance matrices. The example for 2-dimension samples are visualized in OpenCV and for upper dimensions bench-marked against Keras (with TensorFlow backend) results. In the previous tutorial we modeled a simple

OpenCV & ML (Deep Learning) 03 – Regression and Mulit-layer Perceptron (MLP)

Utilizing OpenCV’s Multi-layer Perceptron from Artificial Neural Network module (ANN_MLP) for predicting a periodic or parabola 1-dimensional function (A regression problem). Samples are drawn randomly within a specific range in function domain meanwhile a rectangular (uniform distributed) or Gaussian (normal distributed) noise are applied to them. Now, we could step forward and practice a much

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