If your desktop looks monotonous and boring and you don’t have time to search and download new background wallpapers every day this application will help you. This is actually a utility program. I have developed it for my own entertainment and then decided to share it to public for free. The bing.com provides daily wallpapers for its search engine with comprehensive information for thoes wallpaper.

So, what this software is do is that  it downloads the wallpapers with it’s relating information from internet (bing.com) and then stores all the wallpapers in a specific folder while setting them as your desktop background. The program not only sets the last wallpaper but also you could configure it to change your background through all or some recently downloaded wallpapers regularly. In other words, you could have the slide show backgrounds  with the newly downloaded ones. For example, the background slide show for this week is completely different from the previous week and so on. If you are interested in one of them that what this wallpaper is about (during the background slide show)? The only thing you need to do is to point your mouse cursor to the icon and see the tool-tip which provides the information about the background. Complementary information for the wallpapers is available within the data file stored in your local drive. More, if you are bored of work you could activate the program by double clicking the icon and navigate through all the wallpapers with their relating information. If you miss some days for example your PC or notebook were not on lately, don’t worry, there is option named ‘Download all available wallpapers’ in the image menu which will help you download the ones you missed recently and keep your backgrounds list afresh.

This program is developed in Qt environment available for MS Windows and Linux platforms. As in current version of Qt 5.9 there is no support for Windows XP anymore so the software is not available for that platform. If I found any workaround for this I will provide it as soon as possible. I provided binaries (executable) in both shared and static forms. For your ease it’s better to download the static one (the shared ones is only provided to satisfy the Qt LGPL license terms) and put it in some folder and then run and use it like a portable program. The Linux users may need to install the qt5-default package before using the application. The program will configure itself to be in your system startup at the first run and you can change this through settings menu. You can add a shortcut of the software to your desktop from the settings dialog general tab. Since, there were already some other official softwares out  for this purpose, I tried to add new features to make it much more better, like slideshow feature and the wallpaper information.

You could download the executable files for your operating system from the following links:

These are provided only to satisfy Qt LGPL Licensing terms and are not recommended for download and use.


Following I provide you some screenshots of the software.

Software agreement:

By using this software you agree to the following conditions: 

  • This SOFTWARE is provided for operators, users and customers without any warranty, express or implied, as to their legal effect and completeness. Use the SOFTWARE at your own risk.
  • The SOFTWARE is not capable of checking copyright for the received data and it is the user’s responsibility to check the copyright for legal use.
  • Data received by means of the SOFTWARE may not be used for any commercial purposes without permission of the copyright owner.
  • Data received by means of the SOFTWARE may not be duplicated, transferred, or distributed, or played back or persented in public without permission of the copyright owner.

Please, send me your comments to improve the software and if you like the program you may donate and support the programmer by any amount: Paypal

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